Windows 8 desktop for XP, Vista and Win 7

The free tools Rainmeter and Omnimo Skin enable Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 to use the look and feel of Windows 8. After downloading the zip files, unpack both zip files and first install the Rainmeter-2.1 and then run the SETUP (new users) .rmskin file and follow the instructions.

Windows 8 look for XP, Vista and Windows 7


The Omnimo Skin enables applications (calculator and Internet Explorer) and Windows functions such as B. Shutdown, standby and restart.

 Windows function directly with a click

Furthermore, important information can be displayed immediately such as email inbox, Twitter messages, RSS feeds and much more. All tiles can be positioned variably.

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Rainmeter and Omnio
version License Author System Purchase price filesize
Freeware Rainmeter
Windows 7 / Vista / XP - 1,8 MB
23,4 MB

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