Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones with or without a contract

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Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones with or without a contract


When deciding between smartphones with or without a contract, there are very different advantages and disadvantages to consider. If you pay attention to the important criteria when looking for the right mobile phone contract, you can discover very attractive bargains with interesting and inexpensive combination solutions.


Decisive advantages of smartphones with a contract

An obvious advantage of smartphones with a contract is that the agreed fixed price for the device is usually significantly cheaper than the usual market price. In return, monthly basic fees are due for numerous cell phone contracts. However, many providers present these total costs transparently and make it clear that the combination of contract and device costs remains quite attractive.

Sometimes there are even extraordinary offers that barely exceed the normal device price with the sum of the full costs within the minimum contract period. As soon as a cell phone buyer wants to sign a cell phone contract anyway and is planning the necessary purchase of a smartphone at the same time, package solutions are almost always worthwhile. The more data volume or call minutes are used, the higher the potential profit from a Package solution with mobile phone and contract.

Interesting promotions often make the conclusion of a contract when buying a smartphone even more appealing. In some cases, special offers include, in addition to the cell phone, other devices that are useful in almost every household. Smartphone packages with additional discounts and vouchers for pay TV providers, streaming platforms or other entertainment services are also not uncommon. Flat rates for telephone calls and internet use are already included in many cell phone contracts. In addition, good contract packages usually include warranties, which usually allow uncomplicated repair of the device and include further services in the event of damage.

Various disadvantages of the agreed contracts as a matter of opinion

Some people find the minimum contract period to be a disadvantage when buying a smartphone with a contract. Numerous tariff models only allow effective termination at the end of the second year of the contract. Tariff changes are not always possible during this period. On the other hand, there are customers who would like to remain loyal to certain mobile phone providers anyway and who are satisfied with the tariff conditions in the long term.

In addition, some buyers lose track of the total costs. Therefore, the potential contract costs should be precisely calculated before signing the contract. Who absolutely a specific smartphone model also often needs patience when looking for a suitable contract offer. Because many wireless service providers mainly cooperate with certain manufacturers and therefore do not present an unlimited range of products.


Advantages of buying a smartphone without a contract

Anyone who buys a smartphone without a contract benefits from unlimited freedom when looking for the model of their choice. Then there is no need to weigh up the desired tariff conditions and the performance of the device. When placing an order, only the technical details and unusual features of a mobile phone play the central role without a contract being concluded at the same time. When deciding between tariffs with independent prepaid cards or contracts, sellers without combination solutions remain just as flexible.

By dispensing with contract models, cost control is also easier. With a prepaid card you can avoid unpleasant surprises as long as you can only lose the amount loaded. If that Smartphone is lost or the user with too little Be careful when surfing falls into cost trap, the potential damage can thus be minimized.


Disadvantages without a contract when doing without cell phone packages

When buying a smartphone without a contract, a relatively high purchase amount is often due immediately, while a contract product would often allow significant price discounts instead. If you buy the device with a prepaid package as an alternative to the contract, you also often need a Simlock or Netlock lock accept. At the same time, without corresponding contracts, a repair service is only available with additional insurance or similar agreements in the event of damage. The acquisition costs for a cell phone are due again at some point. If mobile phone users always want to stay up-to-date with the times, this point in time is reached early.


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