Fix or freeze Excel row

Fix or freeze Excel row

Icon_Excel10_33x32Anyone who works on larger tables with Excel knows the problem.
When scrolling down, for example, the relevant information in the column description disappears from the field of view.
In the case of large tables, it is not always immediately apparent which value belongs to which column assignment.
With Excel it is easy to quickly fix the top line or several, so that they always remain visible even when scrolling.


Freeze the first row of a table:

Go to the tab in the ribbon OPINION.
Now click on Fix the window.
Then choose Fix the top line.
The first line is fixed and remains in the visible area when you scroll down.


Freeze / Freeze Excel Rows
Freeze / Freeze Excel Rows


Since it is not always the first line that remains visible, it is also possible to fix several lines.
In order for this to work, any already active fixation must be canceled under
View> Freeze Window> Unpin

If the first two lines are to remain visible, it is important to know that the first three lines must be marked for this.
The lines above the last marking are always fixed.
So the first three marked lines allow the first two lines to remain visible after fixing.
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Freeze multiple lines:

For example, mark the first three lines to fix the first two
Now go to the tab in the ribbon OPINION.
Now click on Fix the window.
Then on the top line Fix the window.

Freeze Excel window
Freeze Excel window

The first two lines are fixed and remain in the visible area when you scroll down.

This works in the same way with columns.

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