Window moved outside the desktop

Move the window out of the invisible area back to the desktop

Window moved outside the desktop
Since Windows allows windows to be pushed out of the entire screen area, it can happen that you no longer have access to the window that is outside the visible area.
So what to do to move the window back into the visible area.

With simple key combinations it is possible to move the window back into the work area.

First select with the key combination  ALT + tab the corresponding window.
If there are many open windows, hold down the ALT key and press the Tab key repeatedly until the desired window is selected.

Now press the key combination once ALT + Space + V and move the window using the arrow keys in the visible area.

If, for whatever reason, the window is maximized in the invisible area outside the desktop, it must be medium before moving it with the arrow keys Windows key + down arrow be minimized.

The key combinations also work under Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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